Ambo Dailies is a subscription service for stronger Catholic communities. Subscribers access fresh “Dailies,” once every day, forever—providing actionable prompts for leaders at parishes, schools, and ministries to thoughtfully engage their communities while intentionally building for the future.

Why Ambo?

Ambo exists because too many Catholic communities exist less in practice than in name—there are buildings, but comparatively little in the way of community life. The reasons are as numerous as the stars in the sky, and the effects are obvious in the form of Catholic parishes, schools, and community experiences that are nearly always emptier than they should be. When we come together to pray, more than 80 percent of our brothers and sisters are missing in most of our communities. We have to speak and think in consistently fresh ways to engage 100% and foster stronger Catholic communities. In practice, a basic way to start is through (1) practical engagement through communication (2) strategic and intentional thinking about our present and past to figure out what comes next.

What Ambo Dailies subscriptions provide

This is why Ambo was founded as a mission-driven nonprofit, focused on stronger Catholic communities, to offer a simple and accessible-to-anyone $33/month subscription. Subscribers receive actionable prompts for thoughtfully engaging their communities while intentionally building for the future.

Dailies are often ~175 words, purposefully digestible to encourage action, and occasionally longer to address bigger issues that are timeless, but always timely, in nature.

Subscribers receive permanent access to their archives, and can manage their account entirely themselves.

Who should subscribe?

Pastors, parish administrators, youth directors, school administrators, pastoral council members, ministry leaders, diocesan directors…


Do you offer discounts?

Ambo is intentionally priced at $33/month to ensure it’s accessible to anyone.

How do subscriptions work? Are there contracts?

All subscriptions auto-renew monthly, but accounts can be managed at any time for updates to your payment method, access to past receipts, or cancellation. No contracts, no fine print.