Risks are often worth taking. (More often than we tell ourselves, at least.) When you’re part of a healthy and strong Catholic community, there’s a natural desire to grow and to sustain the beautiful, God-given gifts of that community for newcomers and neighbors alike. Yet even in great communities, there needs to be a certain […] continue reading »

Unexamined costs

There are always unrealized (and so, unexamined) costs. As much as a spreadsheet or an accountant can tell you about the raw numbers of your community, whether that’s the specific revenue and expense areas of a Catholic church alone, or a wider parish with its various ministries, or a school or ministry, there are all […] continue reading »


The most difficult thing for most people is starting. It’s must easier to ponder. To turn different paths and possibilities over in the mind until, at some point, that eureka moment arrives. What we forget is that those eureka moments, those singular moments of invention and discovery and achievement, are always a part of the […] continue reading »