Ambo’s Content+Engagement subscription service provides a virtual “Communications Director” for Catholic leaders to nurture and grow their communities. Ambo Content+Engagement subscriptions renew monthly. Stay as long as you’re thrilled. There’s no contract. No fine print. That’s it.

Ambo Content+Engagement Overview [Print/Download]

Content+Engagement Features

  • Engaging the New— A “Welcome!” plan for new members of your Catholic community, with the goal of engagement and authentic relationships at its heart
  • Engaging the Active— Fresh (and local!) website content throughout every week, including a weekly email newsletter
  • Engaging the Inactive— Resources for the 80%+ of Catholics in your community who aren’t sacramentally-engaged with their faith
  • Aesthetics— A contemporary and welcoming design for your web presence, periodically refreshed to stay compelling

Content+Engagement Benefits

  • All the benefits of an in-person employee, but with clear weekly “deliverables” and without the need to provide intensive oversight/management
  • A simple and affordable monthly subscription fee, rather than a costly addition to payroll and related accounting issues like tax filings and benefits management
  • An intentional and proven communication strategy that works in Catholic communities, rather than a scattershot or “part time/volunteer” mentality toward the second most important thing a Catholic community does (outside of the sacraments!) which is: communicate

How it works

  • An initial 2-5 day on-site visit to meet staff, worship together, and get a feel for the Catholic community’s life, spirit, and charisms
  • Initial refresh of web presence, in consultation with key staff/personnel (usually 4-6 weeks)
  • Secure Dropbox for staff/personnel to share files, photos, bulletins, and materials that provide basis for daily/weekly communications
  • Recurring monthly conference call determining communications priorities, content creation goals, and key dates for the community
  • Consistently shared content over web and email to your Catholic community, with responsive and committed virtual Communications Director

A communications strategy that works.